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Why I Love Apple Orchards for Autumn Family Photos in Michigan

Updated: Jan 14

I may be biased, but I love apple orchards. I say I might be biased because my wedding was at the most amazing local orchard in Manchester, Michigan called Alber Orchard & Cider Mill. It's the most idyllic spot to spend a crisp autumn day when the sun is shining and you've got little ones in tow. They press their own cider, and until you have had fresh pressed apple cider you haven't lived! You can watch them press it on their antique cider press in their sweet little store, and get a few fresh donuts while you're at it. Some of their apple trees are from the early 20th century so they're all twisty and full of character, and their varieties of apples are incredibly unique. All of this and more make it my favorite spot for family photos in the fall!

Two toddler sisters eat donuts in the grass in front of apple boxes full of gourds and pumpkins atop an antique wagon at an apple orchard in Manchester Michigan

We can spend time meandering through the orchard to find that perfect spot for your family photos, while also enjoying the activities of the fall like pumpkin patches, donuts, hot cider, hay rides, and corn mazes! I'm especially fond of some of the decor that is just naturally at an old orchard like apple boxes filled to the brim with red apples, cute ladders to reach high in to the trees, and the perfect little gazebo for photos, or just relaxing in.

Husband and wife sit on a swinging bench in the morning light at an apple orchard in Manchester Michigan

I'd love for you to adventure with me to the orchard this year (and next year, and the year after that, and the one after that)! If you're ready to book you can reach out to me here! We'll go over the next steps and I'll get you on my calendar.

And if you're not yet convinced this is the perfect spot for your family photos this year, here are more apple orchard cuties!

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19 oct. 2023

love these pictures Emily. What a knack you have! can't thank you enough for your "artful" eye at our orchard doing some art projects for us. So glad we've met. thank you!

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