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The Thing That Surprised Me Most About Senior Portrait Photography

I can't emphasize this enough, but I thought I'd never want to do senior portraits. That didn't mean I wouldn't do them, just that I wouldn't really want to. All that changed this year thanks to my nephew (and brother and sister in-law for hiring me). My nephew Henry is a senior (gasp) this year and needed his senior pictures taken (duh) so they reached out to see if I was available. I gladly accepted because why wouldn't I, but wasn't exactly expecting this to be one of my favorite sessions of the year. Spoiler alert, it was.

Henry's Senior Photos at Traverwood Library in Ann Arbor

Why the sudden change of heart you might ask? Well, normally I'm running around after toddlers or trying to get older kids to crack a smile (not that hard to do if you're silly like me), but with Henry we were able to work together to get creative, and I didn't have to work so hard at the little things. And boy did we get creative. Henry is going to be attending art school next year (yay another artist in the family!) and is likely one of the most creative and talented people in our family. This meant he had a vision. A big vision that we got to collaborate on, which meant I got to push my boundaries and get outside of my comfort zone. LOVED IT!

Henry's Senior Photos at Traverwood Library in Ann Arbor

Seriously though, loved it. We didn't do the classic rest your face in your hands, lean against a brick wall, or squat in some grass, and I think that's what I always pictured when thinking of senior photography. The same old same old. It's not bad, just not exciting, and in my opinion not that creative. It's totally wonderful if that's what you want for your senior photos, don't get me wrong, but I loved getting to see these photos as more of a challenge. I felt like we were acting like it was a commercial or high fashion shoot and less of a romp in the meadow like I see so often. Because of my nephew I have discovered an untapped passion of mine. I'm so excited for the possibilities!

Henry's Senior Photos at Pinball Pete's in Ann Arbor

In addition to sparking creativity in me, through my referral program (ask me about it if you want to know how to get your friends a discount and yourself a free session) I was able to book 2 more senior sessions with his classmates! And guess what? I LOVED THOSE TOO! How great is this? Something I thought I would never do because I didn't love what I saw in the industry, I have since discovered I love!

Selene's Senior Photos at West Park in Ann Arbor

So all of this to say if you're a senior, going to be a senior, or a parent of a high schooler and you need some photos, but don't love the generic looking photos that most people get (and have been getting for forever), I'm here for you. Let's get creative. Let's get funky. Let's act like we're working for Vogue or a couture designer. Let's go play!

Selene's Senior Photos at West Park in Ann Arbor

If I were you I'd suggest booking a full session for your senior photos. With my full session you can have outfit changes, location changes, and even multiple shorter sessions over multiple days. They're super flexible and we can really hone in on exactly what you want and need. If you're ready to book, just fill out your info here and we can get started!

Ren's Senior Photos at Saginaw Forest in Ann Arbor

Just look at these wonderful seniors!

Looking to book a spring session?

Here's a link to a recent post about the Best Locations for Spring Photos in Ann Arbor

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Jan 10

So fun! Thanks for the insight.

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