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Let them eat (Sweet Heather Anne's) cake! And maybe smash it...

Ok ok I know Marie Antoinette didn't actually say it, but I'm saying it! Loud and clear for those of you in the back... LET THEM EAT CAKE!

A beautiful cake by Sweet Heather Anne sits on a green milk glass stand with party hats sitting around

Sweet Heather Anne and I have officially launched our partnership, yippee! And what a sweet partnership it is! What do you get out of it? Well, if you book a session with me you are able to purchase a cake through Sweet Heather Anne's online shop with a 20% discount! You can use it for a cake smash, a party, an event, anything! You'll just need to ask me for the coupon code which you'll only be able to use once.

I'm so excited to get this ball rolling as it's been a long time coming. Both Heather and I attended the University of Michigan School of Art & Design, much longer ago than I'd like to admit, and I remember seeing Heather's work and admiring her dedication to creating beautiful and edible works of art. She's been building this wonderful business for many years now and I am so honored that I now get to work with her!

To celebrate our partnership Heather and I hosted a cake party with some friends and our model call winner from our contest on Instagram. It was absolutely the most fun and we both got to show off what we do best! I can't tell you how much I think about these cakes. The buttercream is to die for and they are just so dang pretty!

The Prettiest Cakes

Seriously! Look at those cakes! Don't you just want to nom them all up? They are perfect for super fun and beautiful birthday parties:

Birthday Parties

The cutest cake smash sessions you ever did see:

Cake Smash

And even just fun events or photo sessions if that's what you got going on!

Plan your next party around cake. Come on, it's a good idea!

Seriously though, go check out all of the offerings Sweet Heather Anne has. Not only are there beautiful every day cakes, but there are cookies, the most amazing and elaborate wedding cakes, and classes! It's one of the best cake shops in Ann Arbor and again, I have to say it one more time, not only are they so pretty, they are so incredibly tasty. SO TASTY!

If you want to book a cake smash session with me, one year old birthday party, or anything else involving cake (or not I guess if you want to be like that) then you can reach out here!

If you want to sign up to become an Emmy & Ollie Photography VIP, fill out your info here and you'll get exclusive offers, discounts and tips on how to make your next photoshoot the best it can be!

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