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Cozy Indoor Locations for Your Next Photo Session

Updated: Jan 14

In my last post I discussed some of my favorite outdoor locations for photos around Ann Arbor, but this time I wanted to focus on those cozy places we can turn to in the blustery winter months, or whenever we want a climate controlled setting!

My usual go-to for photos is definitely outdoors. I love nature, I love the beauty of dappled sunlight, I love the fresh air, but there are times when we just cannot be outside. My camera doesn't like the cold, she slows way down, and neither do I if I'm honest. Don't get me wrong, I'll bundle up and grab my hand warmers for my clients, but I would prefer to be inside when the air hurts my face. Or when the sky is crying (aka raining). Below are a few options for indoor locations for your next photo session if you too don't enjoy it when the air hurts your face and you prefer to stay dry.


This space is like Mecca for local photographers! Located next to York on Packard St in Ann Arbor, StudioStudio has all the amenities you need for your next cozy indoor photo session! Great natural lighting, plants, fun furniture, and even a cute kitchen space make this perfect for family photos. There are so many nooks and crannies to take your photos in, it will look like you travelled all over to get that many shots. If you want a diverse set of photos of your family, some editorial photos, or professional pics, let's book this space for your next session! I'm excited to use StudioStudio more in 2023! (Keep any eye out for those Valentine's Mini Session photos!)

Matthaei Botanical Gardens Conservatory

If you're looking for the outdoors, but it's too cold, dreary, or wet, the Matthaei Botanical Gardens Conservatory is your place! It's warm, sunny, bright, and full of flowering plants all year long which makes it perfect for anyone who wants the tropical feel, but not the costs of travel. I love this spot for family photos, especially when kids can run free and explore. You never know what cute mischief they'll get up to in the conservatory! If you're looking to wear short sleeves any time soon, let's book a session here!

Bell Isle Conservatory

I've only been to the Belle Isle Conservatory once for photos, but much like Matthaei, this is great for staying warm on cold days while getting that tropical feel in your photos. The beautiful old architecture of the space adds to the appeal of this conservatory over Matthaei, which is much newer. You can even make a day of this photo excursion and head on over to the recently reopened Belle Isle Aquarium nextdoor, and if it's not too cold or windy, walk along the river! If you want to book a session at the Belle Isle Conservatory there is an added travel fee to your session cost, but it's well worth it!

Salt Springs Brewery

If you haven't been to Salt Springs Brewery in Saline for dinner or drinks, you should! It's located in an old church downtown with incredible stained glass, and decorated with a modern touch. I love the possibilities of this place and can't wait to do more photo shoots here!

Your house!

That's right, your house made this list! Can you believe it?! I make house calls for pet sessions, newborn snuggles, and any other reason you may want to use your own home. I love in-home sessions because my subjects (both furry and human) are most comfortable, which makes for great photos. My best suggestions for you if you want to book an in-home session are to find a few nice spots near windows, make sure those spots are as tidy as you feel is right, and get any props or outfit changes ready to make best use of our time!

I'm always looking to expand my list of places for photo shoots so expect to see more indoor locations in 2023! Do you have any other places you think would be good for photos? Let me know in the comments! If you're ready to book an indoor session, you can do so here!

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