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A Warm Winter Newborn Session

Updated: Jan 14

Babies. Babies are the darned cutest, but also the most unpredictable things on the planet, second only maybe to cats when they see/hear/touch... well, anything. They're the most precious to photograph, and an in-home newborn session is one of my favorites. I love being welcomed into the homes of fresh parents (either first time or hardened pros), and just becoming a fly on the wall to the beauty of new life. There is so much wonderful emotion to capture, and this session from earlier this winter was so filled with happiness and warmth.

Take a look at these darling photos of sweet Vivian and her beautiful family.



Great Grandmother

Fingers & Toes

The Sweet Star of the Show

Are you expecting and want to book a newborn session? I do things a bit differently for new parents than I do for my other photo sessions. Usually we are really watching the clock, but for newborns I give some grace in terms of timing. Feeding, diaper changes, and calming a fussy baby do not count towards your session time. I will make sure to get you the full amount of time you paid for, so no need to worry, you've got enough on your plate as it is. I'm here to capture those precious new baby moments and we won't let time get in the way of that.

Ready to book? Check out my sessions here, and once you're ready you can reach out here!

Stay snuggly and warm this winter! It's almost over.

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